Are you tired of an impersonal shopping experience? Sights and Sounds is a retail store that has a very colorful, happy, and relaxed vibe because that’s how they want every customers to feel. The store opened three months ago and is run by Christine and Brittany. Their merchandise includes jewelry, tie dyes, local art, bathing suits, and tobacco products. Christine not only sells these items but is also an Avon representative and sells Avon at the store. The store recently started adding artwork of local artists including Rene Moore. Her artwork fits with the seventies era like most of the stores looks like. Other artist works is also featured like paintings, metal work, and glass work. Furthermore, they are looking to expand into more products like lingerie. Christine never thought she would own Sights and sounds and hopes to expand or franchise in the future. She is constantly getting new shipments of products to come look at or purchase. The store is ran by locals who care about the community and the people in and around it. What I liked about the store personally is the time they took to speak with every customer that came in the door. Stop by for some tie dyes and cool colored glass or even just to talk. They are located at 836 E Main St Warsaw MO 65355 or you could check out their Facebook page.

sights and sounds