Hello there everyone! I hope everyone out there is having a wonderful day. In today’s article, we’re going to talk about a local business called Truman Lake Dental. Truman Lake Dental has been serving Warsaw and the surrounding areas for over 40 years. They’re located on 1631 Commercial Street, Warsaw, Missouri. I have embedded an image showing where they are located below. If you’re familiar with the Warsaw area then you can find them located near the Sonic and the local radio station.

Truman Lake Dental provides high-quality service for everyone in your family including your children! Truman Lake Dental is a kid-friendly dental office so no need to worry about bringing your young ones. They treat everyone with the utmost respect and care regardless of age or any other factors. As someone who is a patient of theirs and has worked with them in the past, I can highly recommend them to anybody that’s looking for a dentist in Warsaw or in Benton County. Every staff members that I’ve interacted with there have always treated me with the utmost respect and care. I never once felt like they didn’t care about me or what I needed to have done that particular day. They also have some pretty cool technology at their disposal to help people get Imaging done of their teeth if they were not able to get x-rays in the past. Definitely check out their services page as well as their technology page to find out more about that.


Listed below is their contact information as well as a photo of the front of their facility. Remember if you have any questions feel free to contact them at any time and they will be happy to assist you.