Do you have too much time on your hands, or not enough time? Take a break and spend quality time with family geocaching right here in Warsaw. Don’t know what geocaching is? According to the geocaching website, it “is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices. To me it is an opportunity to spend some fun and education quality time with family and friends. The best part about this is the treasure you find when you discover your cache. Caches come in different shapes and sizes, most come camouflaged to blend in with the scenery. It’s as simple as just grabbing your phone and downloading the app. This will lead you to finding coordinates near you so you can start your own journey. Each point on the map will have detail and hints to help you find out where you are going. When you find your cache you of course celebrate but you log in your name and date and there will be something inside and you can choose to keep it. If you do then be sure to leave behind your own little trinket for the next person to find. WARNING: This kind of adventure is highly addictive and full of surprises. It will lead you to unreal places and give you a thrill that keeps you coming back until you get to the point where you want you create your own cache. When you hide a cache be sure you have the exact coordinates so you can log it in on the geocaching website. Most geocaching people say that it is best to discover at least 80-100 caches before creating your own. Personally I try to fit this into my daily schedule so I can eventually create my own not just here in Warsaw but all around the world. Anyone can do it, so make this summer special and see beauty at its finest in your hometown.